blandford urial & sind ibex in pakistan




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Pakistan is one of the unique countries on the face of the earth that is blessed with a great variety of mountain game animals. But not only rich in diversity, it also holds healthy populations of some of the rarest animals which do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Among many hunting trophies, two of them are Blanford Urial and Sind Ibex. South part of the country is home to these two species. They live in hill country around Dureji which is 4 hours drive from Karachi airport.  Although Blanford is very similar to Afghan Urial it grows actually smaller in both body and horn size with lesser neck ruff and bib. 65-75 cm (26"- 30") Urials and 95-100 cm (37"- 40") ibex are quite common in the well protected and managed area. We have collected # 1 SCI Blanford which measured 34” ½ around the curl and a good number  of  30” + trophies that used to be previous world record for this specie. It is possible to harvest both trophies within a few days while staying in a very comfortable camp.



How to arrive to the area and the camp ; 

There are daily and direct flights to Islamabad (capital) of Pakistan from many European cities. Lufthansa and British Airways are flying to Islamabad directly from Frankfurt and London.
As the rifle handling is needed to be done in Islamabad airport, hunters need to fly from Islamabad down to Karachi (1 hour flight). We book this domestic flight for the hunter. Therefore, all one can do is to arrange his /her international flight on his / her own, and we will take care of the rest. 
The guest will be met by our representative and after the rifle handling in Islamabad Airport, depending on his arrival time too, will directly fly to Karachi. The area is only 3- 4  hours drive away from the Karachi airport. 



Hunting Areas & Altitude & Method;

Both Blanford Urial and Sind Ibex trophies live in the hills of Dureji – a small settlement-  which is at the altitude of between 500-1200 mt (1,650'-4,800').
The hunter takes a short ride of about 30-40 minutes in comfortable 4x4 trucks every morning to get to the hunting area. Since the animals are in good numbers, it does not take long before the first bands of rams or billies are spotted. 



Season & weather & accommodation;

The hunting period is from October until the end of March. However, first three months of the year January, February and early March are highly recommended due to best weather conditions in the area. Early season considered to be a poor period for hunting because of hot weather.
It is not possible to give an exact information about weather but during January the weather may be around +15 /+25 C (+60/+75 F) at day time and a bit cooler at night.
Accommodation for both Blanford & Sind may be the same guest house as both species live in the same habitat. Bhootani family of the Region has ruled the area for centuries and takes personal care of hunters, accommodating them in their own villa, built for the guests. The guest house compared to many places, is like a small palace with the availability of hot shower and television etc.


Day by Day itinerary;

Since both species share the same habitat, it is not uncommon to hunt both animals in a single day. However 5 hunting days should be spared for both species to be on the safe side. A tentative day by day itinerary could be as follows;

Day 01...........Arrive in Islamabad, custom handling, (depending on arrival time), fly to Karachi.             
Drive to Blanford Urial area (3 hours), overnight in luxury guest house.    
Day 02 - 06...Hunt Blanford  Urial and Sind Ibex.
Day 07...........Drive back to Karachi and fly to Islamabad and home


Trophy treatment and Shipment ;

The skin of the trophy is carefully treated, ears, lips, nose are opened and salted and the scull are boiled and cleaned and later, the trophy carefully packed for shipment. After all papers are prepared which are necessary for the shipment, the shipment is sent to the address that you provide us with.  Receiving the trophies could take couple of months and shipment cost is around US$500 -750 depending on the address.


Pakistan visa process ;

In order to avoid any problems, Pakistan visa is needed to be taken before leaving the home and hunters are required to receive a Pakistan visa issued on the passport and the validity should be at least 6 months from the departure date.
After we provide you a visa invitation letter, visa can easily be taken from the Embassy of your country.


The price & conditions;

The price is at US$25,000,- for Blanford any size and US$17,500,-  for Sind Ibex any size.
The price covers visa invitation, custom handling, hunting organization up to mentioned days,  one trophy fee of mentioned specie, hunting license, gun import permit, area fees, transfers from/to Islamabad & Karachi airport, full board accommodation in the area, interpreter & local guide.
The price does not cover international & domestic air fares, visa cost, trophy shipment, insurance, gratuities, hotel accommodation before/after the hunt, visa cost, personal   expenses. 

Observer fee - US$400,- / day

Booking and payment;

A 50% deposit is required on booking and the other half should be paid 2 months before the hunt.

If the hunt would be  canceled 6 months before the trip, the deposit is refunded with $500 less and if cancellation occurs between 6 to 2 months prior to trip, full deposit is forfeited.  If cancellation occurs 2 months or less before the trip, full cost of the trip is forfeited.  In case of no success (except missed shots & wounding the animal), 25% is refunded.