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The Republic of Azerbaijan, located in the south-eastern Caucasus, is the home of Eastern Tur. Only here in the far east of the Caucasus lives the pure Eastern Tur also known to trophy hunters as the Dagestan Tur. It inhabits the mountains of Azerbaijan at altitudes between 7500- 9500'. With the average horn length of 32"  it has the nature of a cross, between a sheep and a mountain goat. Due to lack of scientific researches done on this animal, Dagestan Tur can not be recognized as neither a mountain goat nor a wild sheep; therefore counts through both Ovis and Capra slams.

The hunt for Dagestan Tur is considered to be the ultimate test for the mountain game hunters as it requires good physical condition and mental toughness. It is described by many as the toughest of all mountain game hunts as the animal provides a good sport and challenge for it’s pursuers. Therefore any size trophy of a Dagestan Tur is something to be proud of.

In many areas sturdy mountain horses are used to reach to the base camp. From there on hunters are required to hunt on foot. Traditional driven hunts can also be arranged on request.

Scheki and Quba regions are the best areas of the Caucasus for Eastern Tur as they hold  very healthy populations of this subspecies. Any time from July through the second half of September is suitable for hunting.


How To Arrive to the area ; There are daily flights of Turkish Airlines from New York to Istanbul (non-stop) and to Baku. As you will be dealing with only one airline, this seems to be the best way. Turkish Airlines has also 3-4 non-stop flights from Chicago to Istanbul a week and to Baku.
Delta has also everyday non-stop flights to Istanbul from New York, but as you need to fly to Baku from Istanbul again via Turkish Airlines, it is better to get Turkish Air from New York. It brings the advantage of easy travel in terms of luggage.
From Europe you can also fly to Baku from main European cities.

When you arrive in Istanbul (just before lunch time), you will have about ten hours of layover before the flight takes off for Baku. Therefore, we might as well give you the service of handling in Istanbul and assist you until your flight time. If desired, our representative may take you out to downtown for a lunch and a short sightseeing and take back to airport for Baku flight.


Other flights are also available from main European cities to Baku (capital of Azerbaijan) via British Airways, Lufthansa, etc...

Our operations take place totally in two different areas.
Town of Scheki situated on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus is 4-5 hours drive from the capitol city of Baku. The town which has a history of almost 2000 years is a jumping point for our operations in the area. After arriving Scheki, one has to take another ride into the mountains either in a six wheel truck or on horseback, depending on the camp place chosen for that specific hunt.
Kuba is another prominent town which is located 165 kilometres northwest of Baku. Once arrived after two hours of ride on a highway, another two hours of drive in a 4x4 van is needed into countryside. This has to be followed by a 4 hour ride on horseback into the green valleys of Babadag.


Hunting areas & Altitude & Method ;   The hunting grounds in the Caucasus Mountains is at 7500'- 10500'  ( 2000 – 3000 ) and the camp places on these mountains are reached by horses.
Stalking is the main characteristic of the hunting and besides stalking, traditional driven hunts can be arranged too upon hunter’s demand.


Season & Weather & accommodation;

Hunting period is from June to December. But the months of July and August are the best times for the hunt of this specie.
It is hard to make a general statement about the weather of Caucasus mountains but in July and August the weather is quite suitable for the hunt and the temperature is around 68-80 F ( 20–27C) during the day. Some fog can be expected anytime during the day which is the main characteristic of these mountains. Even some rain can interfere with your hunting. 
Accommodation is mainly in tented hunting camps.


Day by day itinerary; 

Due to good population, Eastern Tur hunt requires 5 hunting days. Along with the days reserved for travelling from/to Baku, the total number of the days for the whole organization is 8 days. Here is the tentative day by day itinerary;

Day 01............arrive in Baku very early in the morning and take a short rest in a hotel if needed,
transfer to the hunting area
Day 02- 06......hunt Eastern Tur

Day 08............return back to Baku and fly home.


The price & conditions: 

The price is at US$9,900,- including any size of Eastern Tur trophy.
Second Tur trophy is at US$5,500.
The price covers; Visa invitation, custom handling,  hunting organization up to  mentioned days,  one trophy fee of mentioned specie, hunting license,  gun import permit,  area fees, transfers from/to Baku  airport, full board accommodation in the hunting area, interpreter (English) and local guide
The price does not cover; international air fares, trophy shipment, insurance, gratuities, extra hunting days, extra trophy fee, hotel accommodation before and after the hunt, hotel extras.

Extra hunting days  - US$350,-7day  and observer fee USD2,000/hunt.


Booking and payment;

A 50% deposit is required on booking and the rest should be paid 2 months before the hunt.
If you would like to cancel your hunt 9 months before the trip, your deposit is refunded with $500 less and if cancellation occurs between 9 to 3 months before the trip, full deposit is forfeited.  If cancellation occurs 3 months or less before the trip, full cost of the trip is forfeited.

In case of no success (except missed shots & wounded animal), 30% is refunded.