Only here in the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the far east of the Caucasus, lives the purebred Eastern Tur, which is also known to the international trophy hunters as the Dagestan Tur. With sheep-analogue horns and a goat-like poise, the animal has the nature of a cross between a sheep and a mountain goat. The lack of any scientific research regarding the species renders it further difficult for authorities to classify this ambiguous game animal. Nevertheless, the species counts for both Ovis and Capra Slams.








Kyrgyzstan is considered to be one of the best –if not the best– destinations in the world for the premium quality Mid Asian ibex and Marco Polo Sheep. It is a well known fact that some of the biggest trophy entries in the SCI record book come from Kyrgyz Tian Shan.








Being a game rich country, Pakistan was appreciated by a number of trophy hunters long before its separation from British India. Many British soldiers here had the privilege of pursuing these elusive game animals back in colonial times.
Now it is your turn to hunt in these lands and have a taste of the excitement these sportsmen experienced previously.

Himalayan Ibex, Sind Ibex, and Blanford Urial are among some of the favorite hunts in Pakistan. Himalayan ibex hunting is carried out in several different Community Controlled Hunting Areas throughout the Himalayan mountain range.

The combination hunt of Blanford Urial and Sind Ibex is carried out in the famed Dureji Game Management Area located in southern Pakistan, about 150 km (93 miles) north of Karachi. The area can be reached in three hours by following a mostly dirt road. The hunters are received in one of the houses built for the guests by the family that ruled the area for many centuries.









Once, described as “one of world’s best kept secrets”, Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan are the most dominant feature in the Republic.This sparsely populated vast mountain range is considered to
be an important reservoir of animals such as the fabled Marco Polo sheep. Hunts in Tajikistan
are conducted by vehicle and on foot.
Hunting season runs from mid August through March. Choosing the best period may be a compromise since the weather conditions can change significantly between the early and late season hunts.