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Welcome to Dos Plumas Safaris.
I am frequently asked "How did a Texan end up outfitting hunts in Asia?” I’ve had a passion for hunting around the globe that I believe every hunter should experience for years. I’ve also had a dedication to excellence that I believed would be highly valued in this field by fellow hunters. So, a few years ago we moved here to Turkey, acquired all the necessary guiding licenses, and hired an experienced staff. We have the same access for the best hunting areas as any other outfitter. I also personally tailor each hunt to your expectations and in many cases accompany you on the hunt as well. Whether it's hunting Bezoar Ibex here in Turkey or a Marco Polo in Tajikistan you can trust we know what our International hunters are anticipating. So, please join us on your next hunting adventure.




Jim Reynolds



Turkey is a country which protects its natural environment and many species are still living in the wild in the full beauty of their natural habitat.

For thousands of years this land provided kings and rulers their hunting grounds and still today has a lot to offer those who want to harvest it's fruit. Hunt in Turkey and you'll have the opportunity to harvest world class trophies as well as be treated like royalty in surrounding that you will certainly marvel.

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Asia not only boasts of geographical splendor but is certainly endowed with the rarest animals in creation.

From Azerbaijan to Pakistan these lands are full of contrasts which range from rugged snowy mountains piercing the sky to windswept plains stretching for miles.

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